Welcome to the house of tragicomics


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TRAGICOMICS is a 6-piece band that makes country-flavoured lyrical pop music.

Originally formed as a ragtag collective by Manchester-based songwriter and neurotic Christopher Eatough, the band has since blossomed into a sextet of unsurpassed musical talent and modesty.

They have been compared to Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright and Jesus. Mostly favourably.

In 2017 they self-released a record called OLD SONGS FOR THE NEW CELIBACY.

TRAGICOMICS are currently finishing their second record, while working their way across stages around the country.

‘It’s timeless songwriting, full of wry observations and striking melodies.’ – Drowned in Sound

‘Disarmingly good songs.’ – Manchester Evening News



Toby Cryne

Christopher Eatough

Jay Fearon

Hal Incandenza

Chris Matthews

Laura Morley