A Creak in the Cold - CD LP

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Creak 600x600.jpg

A Creak in the Cold - CD LP


As Christopher Eatough.

Debut album released February 2012 through Pull Yourself Together (RIP). 

All songs written and performed by Christopher Eatough.

Recorded at various locations around Manchester.
Produced by David Jones and Christopher Eatough.
Mastered by David Jones.

Vocals, Guitars / Christopher Eatough
Piano / Ed Cottam
Violin / Clare Watson
Drums and Percussion / Dan Reader

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1. Shades of Blue
2. This Circus Affair
3. Southern State
4. Between the Trees
5. Devil's Report
6. Hands Down
7. There Were No Ghosts
8. Plastic Pearls
9. Shanty Town
10. Wishing Box